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Good consulting is a matter of dedication and passion! Because just like you give everything for your company, I give everything for the success of my clients. Launhardt Consulting offers consulting services in a variety of industries and with focus on different aspects. As in coaching, personal exchange is a priority that builds up to new approaches and successful endeavors.

Together we work out goals, potential for improvement and methodology to ensure sustainable corporate success. No matter whether the consulting concerns a sole proprietorship, a medium-sized company or a division of a large corporation, every customer receives optimal care and tailor-made solutions.

I strice to embody interdisciplinarity in all matters in order to connect technological with the economic success of a company. I speak the language of both your engineers, as well as the executive level and during a consultation I am able to link both sides. For issues from other areas I consult a number of industry experts and partners. This means I can offer you a complete package of consulting services from one source and with one contact person.

Consulting should lead to measurable success and open up new long-term perspectives to a company. It also does not simply end when the Consultant leaves the house. Sometimes critical ad-hoc decisions must be made at any time during the day and night. After all, your production facilities don’t stop overnight and team members from different time zones are a common occurrence nowadays. For these situations, I am available to my clients outside of normal working hours and 24/7 with an emergency phone number.